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Vali's extreme knowledge and experience will help you master your dance skills. She has an eye for the individual needs and this is what she focus when you get that one on one time with her. She gives her full attention to pass you all her tips to make sure you take your dancing to the next level.

Private Lessons

As an incredibly versatile dancer, Vali's workshops are technical and exciting all at once. With her cheeky personality and high energy, she makes sure you understand all the elements of the steps she is taking you through and her attention drives in both leaders and followers.  


Vali is a very elegant dancer who freely expresses herself and body movement through the music and her performances are always breathtaking and inspiring. She has a unique way of engaging with the audience and the way she carries herself on the stage is no surprise they are calling her the "greek goddess"


Vali has an international background in ballet, many years of performing and teaching latin dance and a reputation as an excellent choreographer and coach. She is not only teaching a routine but, expertly correcting your technique, body movement and helped you to add your own flavour to it while staying true to the style you are dancing

Boot Camp

Vali will take you through an intensive 3-6 hours session where she will concentrate on developing your style, technique and body movement. She is passionate and strives to bring out the best quality in all her students to excel in their dancing and she is able to make hard work feel like fun!!!

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