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Time went passed and things got very difficult for Vali and her dad but with strong family love and continuous friendship and support from loved ones it was that at the age of 10 Vali started working at their humble family restaurant learning business.


A few years later at the age of 14 Vali Damaskou went to Athens to study ballet at the prestigious dance academy "Grigoriadou" and at the same time beautiful as a flower she also started to train professionally in modelling at one of the most recognized institutions "Elena Koudoura" which open the doors to also join "Alycia"


From this moment on even though still young, Vali was already being nurtured into a true professional of the performing arts landing many jobs during her teenage years including brand endorsements and television commercials for “L’oreal” hair products and “Lacta” chocolates.


Vali Damaskou was born in the beautiful town of Naupaktos, which is located just 2 hours away from Athens in Greece and it is right here in Naupaktos where the harbour is protected by a Venetian wall in which many fragments of ancient masonry can be seen.


At the tender age of 5 Vali began to learn to play the piano at “Kouli” academy and to learn the ballet at “Lea Apostolopoulou” dance school flourishing right from the start with many of her teachers paving her way and predicting that there was something very special and unique about Vali.


Such was the fruition of extraordinary talent within her that still at such young age Vali Damaskou was offered a scholarship to attend the biggest ballet dance academy in Bulgaria with one of the most respected and well known teacher Kalina Bogoeva.


Unfortunately such young dream was not able to be fulfilled due to the unexpected and sudden passing away of Vali’s mother when she was only 8 years old. She was a very special and unique lady that everybody in Naupaktos admired and consequently Vali’s father was unable to make ends meet in order to keep her training her craft.


An opportunity came by to travel to Australia and Vali decided to take it and as expected it was always going to be hard with so much competition around but regardless of anything Vali Damaskou had it in her Greek heart and this time she was extremely determined that nobody and nothing was going to stop her dreams.


Tasmania was her first stop where doing Latin American and Ballroom she entered her first competition and won her first championship in all categories.


Sydney was next and it was here where she joined forces with “Latin Motion Dance Academy” and continued training and working hard under the guidance of ‘World Salsa Champion’ Oliver Pineda soon after being instrumental for introducing Kizomba in Australia.


Vali Damaskou then became “Australian Salsa Champion” twice in a row but was unable to enter the “World Salsa Championship” due to some tough US visa restrictions but this did not matter because Vali kept working harder forward.


Next Vali became one of the stars of stage production show “Dance Dance Dance” where she performs alongside ‘World Salsa Champions’ Luda Kroitor and Oliver Pineda, ‘Australasian Salsa Champion’ Csaba Szirmai, ‘World Superstars Youth Latin American Dance Champions’ Aric Yegudkin and Masha Belash as well as various other celebrity dancers from television dance shows “Strictly Dancing”, “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With The Stars”

Then a special magic moment took place. Vali’s father decided to travel to Australia to surprise Vali and one day out of nowhere when she was about to enter the “Australian Salsa Championship” during a dance class that Vali was teaching, her father walked inside the studio and tears of happiness and laughter definitely ruled the world on this day for Vali.


Soon after Vali Damaskou became for the 3rd consecutive year in a row the “Australian Salsa Champion” and only a few months later Vali also became the “Asian Pacific Salsa Champion” and after finally being able to attend the “World Salsa Championships” Vali ranked 6th in the world.


Vali also assisted dance partner in crime “Csaba Szirmai” choreographing salsa for the hit television series “So You Think You Can Dance” in Australia.


Vali has since represented Australia at various congresses around the globe including Malaysia, Bali, New Zealand, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Canada just to name a few and also performed and featured in various world salsa tours and major events throughout Europe, Oceania, United States of America and Asia.


She again was the pioneer to introduced Kizomba to the Greek Latin Industry and then she got partner with an Angolan. After being touring in Europe and USA performing, teaching and judging in various events and competitions, in 2011 and at the age of 28 the journey brought Vali back to Australia.  not only to mention she got into the movie industry and assist directing in a Bollywood movie. Never the less, Vali's passion for dance made her train hard again for another change in the “World Salsa Championships” in Hong Kong this time, where she won the first place together with her then dance partner Oliver Pineda and now she proudly holds the title of a “World Salsa Champion ”. 


After some injuries and health complications with her daughter’s birth Vali had to take some tough decisions. She had to step down from travelling & dancing. She still trained people and coach them for major competitions nationally and international, she would still teach and perform but travelling was not an option at the time.

After 3years Vali is doing her big come back. Stronger than ever she is ready to share her knowledge and experience with the world.  


She is born to detonate the floor on fire and as a lover and participant of all styles it is not surprise that she was recognised worldwideas the ‘Greek goddess’ of the Latin arena.

She continues achieving, expanding her dreams, working professionally, inspiring others and demonstrating that sky is the limit and anything is possible if you believe it.
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