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The paper [@bib:PITCONPILOT:SPACE06] covers ANSYS MULTIDEM simulations of the European Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS) and the Galileo positioning system. The ANSYS code [@bib:GPSCODE:PITCONPILOT06] implements the analysis of code division multiple access (CDMA) networks, in the context of mobile phone communications. Three papers cover ANSYS applications in construction and engineering: [@bib:PATRAN06] uses the ANSYS Composer optimization platform to carry out the integration of material and structural design; [@bib:PATCASA06] integrates information systems and functional models to support project management in the design, construction and operation of a nuclear power plant; and [@bib:PATENGINEER06] uses the ANSYS EPU platform to develop finite element models for the design of a wind tunnel. The next three papers concern the applications of ANSYS to the engineering disciplines: [@bib:CAB98] uses ANSYS Multiphysics to integrate a design optimization with components for a Mie scattering-type laser; [@bib:KEGCSA06] simulates and optimizes the light power, energy, conversion efficiency and contrast ratio of LED lighting; and [@bib:GSAW05] proposes a design optimization for a solid-state chemical sensor that is a good candidate for a practical device for real-time CO$_2$ detection. The next two papers describe the application of ANSYS to the environment and to the biomedical sciences: [@bib:ENV06] presents a numerical model for the environment; and [@bib:BIOMED06] demonstrates the utility of a multi-physics ANSYS framework for the analysis of models for atherosclerosis plaque growth. The next two papers use ANSYS to solve complex fluid flow problems: [@bib:TRA06] simulates flows in pipes for technical and emergency situations and [@bib:CYMER06] simulates chemical and biological processes in a series of cells. The last two papers describe the application of ANSYS to the design of buildings: [@bib:STRUCTURE06] implements the automatic design of structures using 3D-modeling tools; and [@bib:




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Download Ansys 14.5 Software Full Version tamres

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